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Classic The 23 tracks of this CD were available for FREE download for quite some time. Too bad if you missed it.
The reactions were very nice and complimentary.
Because not everyone is familiar with the phenomenon of downloading yet, a CD has been made of it.
Classic This CD is made for the professional or advanced student. The exercises are in most cases a bit longer. So you can do 2 sides in a row. The music is also played with accelerando's and rallentando's. This requires some more musical concentration. I think this makes the CD different from other CDs.
Classic On request a new cd for the ballet class. It is made according to the well-known concept. For many etudes there are pieces on it in both 3- and 4-quarter sizes. Because of this the pupil/student experiences different atmospheres. Of course it is nice to be able to use another cd.
A great usable CD with repertoire and improvisations. The tracks are again played without metronome. This gives more the impression that the pianist is present in the lesson and the interaction between teacher and pianist is simulated. A ritardando and accelerando have to be followed in this way. Some etudes are played 2 times, i.e. in threes and fours. Because of this, differences in atmosphere can also be practiced and felt. Because of our competitive price you can't leave this CD behind and it's nice to have with you so you can alternate.
The most beautiful and famous adagios now on one CD. Re-arranged and played with modern instruments. It is lovely and quiet music to relax, meditate or chill with. Also great as a backdrop to a dinner party. The CD can be used for many other applications such as in waiting rooms of (dental) doctors, hospitals, etc. etc. As a background for e.g. TV documentaries, the CD will certainly prove its usefulness. All the more so because it is, like all our other CDs, BUMA/STEMRA rights free. For ballet schools that are looking for a nice adagio for a performance, this cd is certainly a godsend. When warming up for class, it will certainly suffice, and it will bring the students in the right atmosphere for the classical class. In short, it can be used for many purposes, but above all to enjoy!

Temporarily sold out!

Just a nice CD for the classical class. The tracks are played without metronome. This gives more the impression that the pianist is present in the lesson and the interaction between teacher and pianist is simulated. The tracks are, on request, a bit longer. Because of this, the etudes can also be made a bit longer for the more advanced, or you can do two sides at once. Really a CD to have with you so you can alternate.
CD nr. 13 is a CD with beautiful repertoire played by Djono Walch. Djono has a suggestive way of accompaniment. His interpretations are warm but also very dynamic. It is not for nothing that he is very popular in class and not in the least because of his involvement with the dance profession. We warmly recommend this CD.
ballet op operamelodieen
CD No. 12 is filled with opera melodies. Adapted and phrased for the ballet lesson. Especially for this cd we searched for opera music that is suitable. This has resulted in known but also slightly less known melodies.
ballet music for december
CD no. 11 was made because many teachers asked for Sinterklaas and Christmas carols for the lesson. The songs were played in the tradition for the classical lesson, so on the piano. Because most of the songs are not regular there is a lot of "tinkering" here and there to make them suitable. Because of this some melodies take a different turn than you are used to! The tracks also contain the name of the etude but in practice you will of course find that another track is better suited for a certain exercise. There are also 8 tracks without a name for an etude, so you can choose for yourself. The music is simply played with simple harmonies. The attention is not distracted by the music but is a real support. We hope this cd will be a nice addition to your cd collection.
ballet music for point class
CD No. 10 is primarily for classical lessons. However, it also contains a lot of music that could be special for pointe lessons. For this the music is traditionally thought. The music is played "à l'improviste" as it happens during the lesson. The melodies are simple in structure and clear and regularly phrased. Because of this, the specific tracks can often be used for other exercises. The grand pass on this CD takes almost 5 minutes! At the end of the lesson you can dance for a long time without interruption, even with larger groups.
CD nr. 8 has been played by Catelijne Smit. Catelijne plays a.o. in Stuttgart. There is a great need for well-known music during ballet lessons. That's why she looked up a number of pieces and made them suitable for the lesson. It has become a beautiful and functional cd with which many lessons can be made.
CD nr. 5 has been played by Djono Walch. He has put together well-known pieces by great composers that are (made) suitable for ballet lessons. It is a beautiful CD that is played warmly. All pieces have been tried out in practice (Rotterdam Dance Academy)! Really a "wanna have".
CD nr. 4 is, just like CD nr. 2, specially made for classical lessons. It is recorded in the most usual order of the lesson. There is also an inlay on which suggestions are made which tracks can also be used for other exercises. The accompaniments are clear and regularly phrased.
CD nr. 2 is specially made for the classical lesson. It is recorded in the most usual order. There is also an inlay on which suggestions are made which tracks can also be used for other exercises. The accompaniments are clear and regularly phrased.
CD nr. 1 is our introduction CD with music that can be used especially in classical ballet. The inlay shows which tracks are suitable for which exercise, so you can easily compose the lesson using one CD. For example, the jumps are on it 3 times in different tempi. There are also alternative tracks in 5/4, 9/4 and 11/4 measure. The music is a l'improviste (as also happens in the lesson) and has been kept simple in terms of "composition" and is easy to hear so that the CD is a real support for the lesson. You will recognize a lot and yet the music is unique! The accompaniments are clear and regularly phrased but just to be sure the phrasing is indicated on the inlay of the CD.